You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness”.

Brene Brown


If you don’t believe you deserve to heal, it will never happen!

That voice that whispers and sometimes shouts your unworthiness is a liar, but you have heard it so many times that it feels like your truth.

And most of the time that voice was “planted” by someone that you loved deeply as a child – a parent, a grandparent, family member, teacher or friend.

Their voice echoes in our mind and becomes louder when things happen that our mind perceives as confirmation of what their voice is saying.


Your worthiness is the roadmap to a purpose-driven life. 


You have always been worthy and enough, but through conditioning, modeling, and experiencing, you were buried under the lies.

By uncovering your worth you will start stepping into your power and claiming your purpose.

What is the point of achieving success and getting what we want if we are feeling broken and not worthy?!


Do you carry a “worthiness wound”?  

If you are burdened with any of these, you might be:

  • Feeling not enough or broken
  • Feeling disconnected from your true self
  • Feeling unlovable
  • Feeling shameful of who you are


If you want to create a dream life, you need to believe that you deserve it and that you are worthy of it.


Starting a new chapter of your journey to heal this “worthiness wound”  is required.  As Brene Brown says, you cannot hustle for your worthiness, you have to step inside your story and own it.

That is how you start – by standing inside your story and being vulnerable and authentic.

Allow yourself to feel it;  forgive yourself;  release all the guilt or shame and take back your power!

You can only heal pain if you start showing yourself the love that you need.


Start with your story … journal, meditate or pray, and be vulnerable in your awareness.


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