Transformation JouRneys: Client Feedback

These are the people I’ve journeyed with. As a transformation guide, nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than the honour to witness their transformation and healing.

It feels as if I was given a new life, since my session with Carien.

I now know my worth and value. 

I know I am enough and have stepped into my power.

I started seeing my true self and have been experiencing so much more joy in my life.

Since the session I have done my first half marathon – something people said I would never be able to do. I was on a local cooking show and have registered my own publishing house. I have written and published my first 2 children’s books. These books have been on national TV, print media, and radio. 

I received an award for Entrepreneur of the Year in my local area.

It is almost like I discovered a new part of my brain – I now think differently and have come up with so many different ideas. The more I integrate into knowing that I am enough, the more opportunities show up and are still showing up.

I cannot recommend this enough – your healing will transform all areas of life.


Western Cape

I was yearning for clarity and perspective – craving for someone to tell me what I needed to do with my career, so I decided to book a session.  

I met with Carien via Zoom and 4 weeks later, I submitted my resignation from the company I was working for. A bubbling, glowing fire had ignited within me and without fear or reservation, I knew what I had to do. Every cell in my body was pulsating the affirmation “I am ENOUGH” as I registered my own business online. Something I had never even thought of doing – it wasn’t even something that Carien and I had discussed: it had been buried deep under the layers of self-doubt that society piles onto each one of us. I’ve taken my power back and I’ve never felt happier, clearer of mind, and more content than I do right now. I honestly cannot recommend Carien and her special gift enough.


Western Cape

I highly recommend this for anyone who wants more out of life, and to be a better version of themselves. Anyone wanting to unslump themselves and let go of a past that may be holding them back. Carien helped me see what really matters and to really appreciate myself! I’ll be forever grateful!



I have done various processes over the last 10 years to help me with rejection and internal anger. While all of it is building blocks and has made me understand myself better – I found that my session with Carien and the 21-day journey thereafter is what finally made the switch. It is almost like I re-booted myself and my belief around anger.

I would totally recommend this as a part of your journey.

But when going into it, you must be certain that you want to change and grow.


Cape Town

You cannot put a price on a session!

I did one for smoking addiction. I believe that there are so many people that would gain from this therapy. I would definitely recommend it.

Being an asthmatic, I do not use my nebuliser anymore, I rarely cough, I feel clean and I am saving money.

An unexpected benefit is that I am proud that I achieved this and feel more confident.


Cape Town, South Africa

I thought I would only benefit from the non-smoking side but Carien helped me to shift my attitude towards myself into a more positive and less critical way of thinking.

The hugest thank you! You have changed my life and I can’t stop telling people how successful the method was for me!


Cape Town, South Africa

I never wanted people to love me.

In that session, something ‘changed’, I felt healed and free. For the first time, there was not a burden (shield) in front of me anymore and could give myself completely and can stand on top of the mountain and tell the people how much I love them and I allow people to love me. I could never say I love you to anyone and when someone showed love to me, I would turn away, as I did not love myself.

Listening to your voice every evening was wonderful! I must admit I still listen to it – just the calm way you speak and assure one that we can love and we are loveable!

Your technique and the calm way you approach people with confidence is reassuring. Your recording afterwards kept reminding me of what to d


Garden Route, South Africa

What an amazing, liberating, phenomenal experience!

As we all do, we ‘think’ we know the cause of our issues, but you managed to easily and effectively get straight to the real underlying issue. And the awareness and realisations it brought about has transformed my life!

Within weeks my body has detoxed from the trauma, my mindset is even better, I developed a social life and even met a guy. I no longer keep people away!

Thank you.

Anonymous Woman

Cape Town, South Africa

I would say the biggest difference I have noticed is just doing something every day to help me work towards or get closer to achieving my goal/s.

Something that I used to do often was to put things off to do the next day, now I almost never do that.

I think and I feel my mindset has changed towards doing certain things. I have a bit more of a positive thinking and feeling towards the things I wouldn’t normally want to do.


Cape Town, South Africa

You truly changed my life, thank you!!

I cannot begin to describe how amazing it is to be free from the hurt, the anger, the guilt, confusion, self-hate and all the stuff I carried with me for so long.

Anonymous Woman

Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you so much for my wonderful RTT™ session!

For quite some time I felt really anxious, insecure and stressed in my relationship as I had a history and pattern of being cheated on and lied to. Worrying about that constantly was so exhausting and draining and it was affecting other areas of my life. After just one session with Carien, I felt so much happier, lighter, confident, secure and self assured.
Thank you so much, you’ve really, really helped me!!!


Brisbane, Australia

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