By now you will probably start seeing RED LOVE HEARTS everywhere. Valentine’s Day and “February – the month of love”, are commercially used to ask us to show love. Ironically, it remains one of those times of the year, that so many people can feel unloved.

WHY are we waiting for someone else to love us when we have always been loveable?

A little baby knows that they are lovable – they demand love and attention.

Things change as we start to experience, condition, and model the world around us. We start to cover up that natural ability to know we are loveable and enough, just the way we are. If we start loving and nurturing ourselves as we would with a loved-one – everything would change. We no longer need outside validation if we know our own value and worth. We no longer give the power away to someone else to receive love.

Crazy Little Thing Called (Self) Love

I used to hold onto the belief that I didn’t matter and to make sure I was accepted, (and subconsciously loved) I HAD to ‘’fit in’’.

It was only during the last couple of years that I found the way back to my true self.  💗 I was ready to start loving her, just the way she is. 💗 

She didn’t have to be a good girl or have a certain mask on for me to accept and love her.

You may have never received the love you needed, as a child, even if you grew up in a beautiful family.  This wasn’t your fault. Your parents might not have known, how you needed to be loved. It is never too late to get that love that you need! You can do this by loving yourself now, in the way you need it.

Go to to find out what your love language is.

What are your top two love languages?

You may have needed love in a different way than the way your caregivers gave it, but you can still practice self-love to experience that. Start loving yourself, the way you need it by following these tips for YOUR top two love languages:

  • ACTS OF SERVICE: Keep commitments to yourself.
  • WORDS OF AFFIRMATION: The most important words, are the ones you say to yourself. Make it positive!
  • GIFTS: Treat yourself to thoughtful gifts. Don’t give that power away to anyone else.
  • QUALITY TIME: How often do you have quality time, doing what recharges YOU?
  • PHYSICAL TOUCH: Self-care and pampering is very important if this is your love language.


Take back your power and start showing yourself the love you need.

If this is something you struggle with, reach out and I’ll guide you to unlocking a life, where you know your worth, know that you are enough and that you are loved and loveable.

Happy Valentines!


Carien HW