Are you prone to self-sabotage?

Have you ever thought about why you always eventually go back to the old “bad” habits, when you decide on a new diet or exercise routine? Kicking a habit or defeating addiction is not just about making a choice to change. It is much more than that.

Did you know that we only have 5% conscious mindset? This means that you only have 5% control over any decision or choice you make. The rest is controlled by the subconscious (95% of it). This is the part that can be your best friend or your worst bully.


Stop treating the symptoms

Your bad habits or patterns are normally symptoms of the real issue or outdated belief. Let’s look at some examples:


You are addicted if you need a piece of chocolate every day, and when you are down, you cannot stop till the slab/bar is gone. This is filling a gap inside you that you cannot resolve emotionally right now.

Your belief is: “chocolate makes life better”

and you know that it does for a split second, and here is why: the only high-fat, high-sugar substance that occurs naturally in nature is breastmilk. As infants, we have the full attention of our parents/caretakers when we are being fed (this can also include baby formula). Eating chocolate is a form of regression: for a split moment, you go back to being nurtured and feeling loved. When you are very down you keep on eating it, as it has this ongoing slip-second effect of making you feel loved and cared for.


Another belief is: ‘’I cannot relax without a drink”.

Perhaps it is easier to numb your emotions down than to deal with it at the end of the day. Suppressing it with alcohol makes those unresolved emotions quiet for long enough for your mind to shut down.


Your belief is: “I need to smoke when I am stressed”.

People who do not smoke take long deep breaths when they are stressed, whereas smokers use a cigarette to do achieve that. The truth is nicotine is a stimulant that affects the heart and brain. It stimulates the central nervous system, and this causes irregular heartbeat and blood pressure. In reality, it aids the stress in the body, but the belief that it helps to release stress is supporting the habit.

Learning how to form new beliefs

The wonderful thing is that beliefs are your key to transformation, but you can struggle to change your existing beliefs on a subconscious level without guidance.

Let me help you find the reason for your habit/pattern and guide you to change your life for good.

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