I have not spent this much time at home since I was on maternity leave seven years ago. My day job employer has granted us the opportunity to work from home. I would normally drive between 2000 to 4000km per month to meetings, tastings and customers. I went into self-isolation on Wednesday, 18 March.

I believe the Coronavirus/Covid-19 has changed our way of life forever. I know it will be documented as something as significant as a World War in history, but what does this lockdown mean for us?

If we are not going shopping, entertaining ourselves outside, and not rushing out, what are we going to do?

Can we live with ourselves?

  • How do we rethink our priorities?
  • How can we go on appreciating life in face of this changing world around us?
  • How do we face the pandemic positively, healthily and still contribute to the greater good of society

This is an opportunity to reset our lifestyles: to live lighter but emotionally/spiritually deeper. These are the areas I think we can prosper in right now:


Our mind is a duplication machine – what you focus on, it will reproduce (Quantum Physics). Start focussing on all the things you are grateful for.

This can be a fun morning activity with children if you are at home with yours.

Write down:

  • 3 things you are grateful for; and
    3 things that will make your day great

See what happens when you practice gratitude over the next few days/weeks.


In times of turmoil, we realise what is important. Take that mindset and work through your house. Declutter. It is a great way to create space for new energy, not necessarily things.

When you walk into your office at home and everything is sorted and tidy, you will feel in control. The same applies to all areas of your home!


Spending time in nature is good for us, it calms us, and you can still do it responsibly during this time. Spend some time in the sun, even if just in your own backyard, garden or on your balcony.

Another is taking time to create a veggie patch and grow your own vegetables. Being outside and getting natural Vitamin D, while working the soil is good for us. The benefit is healthy food in your own back yard.


What you think is what you become.

Think of strength, you will become strong. Think of weakness, you will become weak. Think of disease, you will invite the disease. The reality you live in is the reality of your thoughts. You are the master of your destiny. Stop feeding yourself with social media news and stop feeding yourself with negative thoughts of others. Even if others are negative or anxious, remaining calm and strong will also help them.


Eating healthy, real food is good for the immune system and now that you are at home you can make delicious home-cooked meals with healthy ingredients. The internet is full of wonderful recipes for every taste and budget. Use the time and explore your cooking.

Take extra vitamins to boost your immune system and always keep in mind that the stress hormone released in our bodies is not good for the immune system.


This is a great opportunity for you to spend time with yourself. Meditate or pray. Read those books that you never got to.

Remember your happiness should not depend on outside relationships – start healing your relationship with yourself. Find out what is important to you. Less social life, more inner self.

Sending you love and light for this time.

This too shall pass.

Carien Hugo-Waring
RTT Transformation Guide