Babies don’t have fear. Therefore so many fears we have are acquired.

– Marissa Peer. Creator of RTT™

Do you sometimes think back to when you were younger? For most, life felt simpler and you were completely carefree. That young girl could “just be”- laughing, twirling and seeing beauty in everything.

That beautiful little girl is still in there, but she does not feel so carefree and happy anymore. Somewhere along the way, she started to unknowingly pick up beliefs that are weighing her down.

We are what we think

Our core beliefs are instilled, mostly before the age of 7. During this time, we do not have the ability to think logically: our mind is still collecting data to build up our logic. Our minds’ only job is to keep us alive and it reacts to the words and pictures we give it. We do not have control over what our mind comes up with to process the information.

I will use my own life as an example:

The belief that was holding me back for almost 40 years was “I DON’T MATTER”.

I centralised this belief, when my mind processed what would seem to be a very innocent scene to most people.

I was 3 years old when my Mom took me to the house of my dad’s employer. The employer’s kids were running around and causing a huge commotion. My Mom asked me to sit with her and just “know my place”. In my 3-year-old mind, that simple statement translated in my mind as ‘’I do not matter.’’ Those kids could do anything they want and have fun, while I just had to sit it out and behave.

Some of the other beliefs that we can internalise in this way include:

  • I am not enough;
  • It is not available to me;
  • I am not loveable;
  • I am a failure

Do any of these statements sound familiar in your own life? Can you recognise them, but no matter what you’ve tried, you just can’t get rid of it? It’s almost like a recurring blockage that you keep trying to unblock, but all the ‘’cleaning products’’ (meditation, life coaching, counselling, etc.) you’ve tried only works for a short period of time before the blockage returns.

Rapid Transformational Therapy™

During an RTT™ session I discovered this belief was the root cause of blocking my abundant life. As soon as I started believing in my own worth and knowing I mattered, everything changed. I treated myself differently and even the people around me started treating me differently.

This impacted my own life so profoundly, that I decided to become an accredited RTT™ practitioner by enrolling in a course, developed by world-renowned therapist Marisa Peer (voted Britain’s best therapist).

It is a hybrid therapy that offers unparalleled results by combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

During a session, we access your subconscious to identify and rewrite those beliefs that are holding you back.

So, what is holding you back from living your ultimate life – the one you have always dreamt of?

Contact me today if you’d like to learn more about RTT™ and what it can mean for your own transformation.