January is traditionally the time of year that people make resolutions of how they want to change their lives. WEIGHT LOSS falls within the top 2 of those resolutions.


I was part of that pattern for a long time – focusing on weight loss. Until I realised that our mind has its own ideas about loss.


What “loss” in life is positive? Our minds perceive any loss as a negative and will want to ”find and return to” whatever it perceives as a loss. For example:


‘’I lost my wallet, glasses, phone, etc.’’


The language you use is so important to ensure your mind supports you to achieve your ultimate goals.


If you want to become lighter this year, I challenge you to focus on healthy weight or weight reduction. I prefer healthy weight as this a wholesome concept for your mind to get behind.


I have been on a healthy lifestyle change since the beginning of 2020. Lockdown did put a spanner in the works, but here are some of my practices:



  • I think of food as fuel: my body only needs the fuel that it can burn (chocolate is not fuel, unfortunately).
  • I eat plant-based about 95% of the time.
  • I try to avoid refined sugar, wheat and dairy.


It is not always possible, but my body feels better, I have no brain fog or joint pains. So why would I choose to feel horrible?


Stress Management


We will always experience stress in some area of our life. Our bodies are designed to help us with adrenaline to get through a short period of stress, but we are not supposed to stay in that state for extended periods (or permanently).


Your body will focus all of its resources to deal with the stress and this can lead to some of the systems not working properly. Think about adrenaline burnout – that system was designed to give us the extra energy to get out of the stressful moment.


We all have different needs and deal with stress in different ways. I have incorporated rituals in my daily life to help me manage stress and to ground me. This includes walking, meditation and journaling – especially about gratitude.


How you do anything is how you do everything.


Planning to succeed will give your mind something to work towards. What are your goals for 2021?


I know 2020 taught us that everything does not always go according to plan. But what if we still focus on the goal and just change the roadmap to get there?


  • WHAT do you want? Write down your goals for this new year.
  • WHY do you want it? Your WHY is the fuel that will keep you going, even when things get challenging or tough.


The HOW should be fluid – change it to ultimately get to your WHAT and always remember your WHY.


My WHAT is to serve more women in 2021 and my WHY is ultimately to “live my purpose” and show my daughter that you can do that while living an abundant, beautiful life.


Wishing you a year filled with joy, new goals and fulfilled (big) dreams!


If you want to focus on your goals in 2021, you need to learn how nurturing yourself will lead to success!


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Love and light,