If you are starting a business, have a business, or are dreaming of one day owning your own business:


Where do you think success comes from? Is it education, experience, hard work, or perhaps opportunities?


Actually, the most important factor is YOU. You are the magic ingredient in this mix. Your beliefs about yourself and your patterns will be the defining factor. If you don’t think you are good enough, nobody else will. If you don’t believe that you matter, your opinions won’t either.


You need to know YOU ARE ENOUGH and that you are needed right now at this time to be you and to share your unique gift.



Your own healing and growth will bring some other unexpected “side effects”.


After healing emotional wounds subconsciously, most women find a more consistent and less emotional monthly cycle. This means more productivity in your business, but also in your relationships.


Another side effect is creativity:

I worked with Marilie last year. She was struggling with anxiety. Her transformation led to running a half marathon, registering her own publishing house, and writing two children’s books. Once she healed and stepped into her power, the trajectory of her entire life changed.


She had this to say about how this helped her business:


“It is almost like I discovered a new part of my brain – I now think differently and have come up with so many different ideas. The more I integrated knowing that I am enough, the more opportunities showed up and is still showing up.”



If you are struggling with inner confidence, trust and belief: reach out.


I guide purpose-driven women that feel broken and not enough, to heal from the emotional baggage that is stopping them from recognising their worth and value, so they can step into their power, know who they are, and create a life of next-level authentic freedom.


If you are ready to change more than just an issue: reach out.


2020 has been challenging, but now more than ever, people want to support people. I will launch a special 6-week program for women who are growing their businesses online early in 2021.


Get in touch if you would like to go on the list to receive more information.


For a preview, join me for a free online Masterclass on 21 December 2020 at 6pm (sign-up here for more information).


Love and light,

Carien HW