Happiness is a big emotional goal for most people, but most of the time we attach something to that outcome:


‘’I will be happy if I meet my soulmate.’’

‘’I will be happy if I move into my dream house.’’

‘’I will be happy if I have my dream job.’’


These ”terms and conditions” of happiness can make it fleeting.


Happiness is an emotion in which we “experience feelings ranging from contentment and satisfaction to bliss and intense pleasure,” whereas joy “is a stronger, less common feeling than happiness.”


Joy is what we should be looking for, but it is not something out there – this is an inside job!


Joy is within all of us but it’s layered under years of experiences, conditioning, and modeling. Those things created the beliefs, especially the BIG ones like:


”I am not enough.’’

”I don’t matter.’’

”I don’t belong.’’

”I am helpless.’’

”It is not safe for me to be myself.’’


Think of it as very sticky Post It Notes stuck over your joy. These beliefs lie in our subconscious mind (vault of the mind) and create all the patterns and “operating systems” of our lives.


Drs Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton have done years of research on how our minds work. We are only 5% conscious mindset and 95% subconscious. In very basic terms, anything that you want to achieve, (including joy), you only have 5% “control” over. If your subconscious beliefs don’t support your goal/s, it will be almost impossible to achieve.


You might be thinking: ‘’but how do I know which beliefs I have, and how do I change them?’’


This is done through an award-winning therapy system called RTTTM (Rapid Transformational TherapyTM ). Practitioners are trained in this modality of Marisa Peer to identify and rewrite the old beliefs in 1 to 3 sessions. Clients are empowered to take control of their own healing and growth after the programmes.


I am a Cape Town-based RTT Practitioner.


I help women to work through emotional baggage and trauma to allow them to step into their power and know their true worth.


I incorporate RTTTM, Heart HealingTM and life coaching into my packages, which are presented in person or online.


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