Helping women
create their

dream life

By identifying and removing the
blocks that hold them back


Do you know…

your worth?
you are enough?
you can live abundantly?
you can find true healing?


I help women create their dream life by identifying and removing the blocks that hold them back through RTT™ (Rapid Transformational Therapy).

This method was created by a world-renowned therapist, Marisa Peer and is extremely effective.

Marisa was voted Britain’s best therapist and has developed this life-changing system over the past 30 years.

I am a fully qualified and accredited RTT™ Practitioner and use this method to help transform lives.

Let me help you use the power of your own mind to free, and empower you.

Create the dream life you desire and deserve!

Some of the issues RTT™ can change:


“Babies don’t have fear. Therefore so many fears we have are acquired.”

Marissa Peer.
Creator of RTT™

‘’Events do not affect you. The meaning you attach to them will.’’

Marissa Peer.
Creator of RTT™


Hi, I am Carien Hugo-Waring

I was very close to burnout a few years ago.

Trying to find balance while juggling life, my relationships, child, career and personal growth.

A big line in the sand was the start of my own healing through RTT™.

I don’t think we will ever be perfect as we are human – so healing to me is like an ongoing journey. We become lighter with every layer we work through.

We all have beliefs that are blocking us and these were imprinted on us as children or even later in life.

My belief was that I didn’t matter and I acquired this wrongly held belief at the age of 3.

This was carried with me for almost 40 years.

The moment I let go of that belief everything started changing.

When I knew I mattered and was worthy of abundance, people started treating me differently.

I started treating myself differently.


Every time I work with clients and RTT™ another layer of my
own life unfolds.

Through the power of the mind, I started pushing myself out of
my comfort zones.

Finding the reset button

I took on the Tankwa Camino – a 10 day walk of 268km throught the Tankwa Karoo (a semi-dessert area in the middle of South Africa). Something extraordinary for a person that has never even done a 2 day walk!

Those 10 days of walking were my reset button, and it was during that walk that I new I have to change my life and pursue my purpose.

I believe that we are all here for a reason, a purpose – more than just our own lives.

Mine is to guide people to identify and remove the blocks that are keeping them from their dream life.

A life filled with abundance, love, health, happiness and success. 

This is all available, once you know you are enough and worthy of it.


Nothing will change if everything stays the same. Choose to invest in yourself.


4-week programme

  • Conscious work
  • Subconscious work through the RTT™ session with personalised recording
  • Weekly follow-up calls and supporting emails
  • Nurturing and restoring the relationship with yourself


8-week programme

  • Conscious work
  • Subconscious work through the 2 RTT™ sessions, both with personalised recordings
  • Weekly follow-up calls and supporting emails
  • Nurturing and restoring the relationship with yourself
  • Taking your life to the next level (e.g., abundance, health, purpose, love)

Schedule a discovery call today.


Join me on my journey through life.
You will find encouragement, answers to your questions, and the realisation that we can all be victorious.

Weight Loss versus Healthy Weight: What is the Difference?

Weight Loss versus Healthy Weight: What is the Difference?

January is traditionally the time of year that people make resolutions of how they want to change their lives. WEIGHT LOSS falls within the top 2 of those resolutions. What “loss” in life is positive? Our minds perceive any loss as a negative and will want to ”find and return to” whatever it perceives as a loss.

How Knowing Your Worth Activates Success

How Knowing Your Worth Activates Success

Where do you think success comes from? Is it education, experience, hard work, or perhaps opportunities? Actually, the most important factor is YOU. You are the magic ingredient in this mix. Your beliefs about yourself and your patterns will be the defining factor. If you don’t think you are good enough, nobody else will. If you don’t believe that you matter, your opinions won’t either.

Activating Joy

Activating Joy

Joy is what we should be looking for, but it is not something out there – this is an inside job! Joy is within all of us but it’s layered under years of experiences, conditioning, and modeling.

The Science of Abundance

The Science of Abundance

Abundance is an emotion more than a mindset.  If you FEEL abundant and stay in that emotion you will see how everything around you “listens” to your vibration.  After all, we are just energy and emotion is just energy in motion.

How Do You Measure Your Worth?

How Do You Measure Your Worth?

Hear me today: you will NOT truly step into your full potential if you don’t know your worth. Your worth is NOT your past, what you do or where you come from. Your worth IS anchored into the relationship you have with yourself.

Woman Enough

Woman Enough

It is women’s month and I want to chat about what it is like being a woman at this time. We have grown so much in what we can achieve and roles we can take on, but I feel we still struggle to cloak ourselves in feminine energy.

Five Ways to Combat Loneliness

Five Ways to Combat Loneliness

Social distancing my well be the new normal for the foreseeable future. For some of us, that means the only human connection we’re getting is with the masked woman behind the Perspex screen at the supermarket till and the UberEats delivery guy. And he just leaves your order at the door and dashes back to his car!

Kicking the Habit of Bad Habits

Kicking the Habit of Bad Habits

Have you ever thought about why you always eventually go back to the old “bad” habits, when you decide on a new diet or exercise routine? Kicking a habit is not just about making a choice to change. It is much more than that.

Grounding the Surge of Anxiety

Grounding the Surge of Anxiety

If you have never suffered from anxiety, the truth is that you may play it down as something far less serious than what it really is. So, before I get into ways to manage anxiety, I want to debunk some myths and give a short breakdown of the definition and physiological aspects of anxiety.

Authentic Self

Authentic Self

When last did you feel safe to be your authentic self – that woman who believes in her hopes and dreams (the ones that are not connected to the roles you have to take on)?

Gearing Down for Lockdown

Gearing Down for Lockdown

I believe the Coronavirus/Covid-19 has changed our way of life forever. I know it will be documented as something as significant as a World War in history, but what does this lockdown mean for us?

If we are not going shopping, entertaining ourselves outside, and not rushing about, what are we going to do?

Do you know your worth?

Do you know your worth?

Do you sometimes think back to when you were younger? For most, life felt simpler and you were completely carefree. That young girl could “just be”- laughing, twirling and seeing beauty in everything. That beautiful little girl is still in there, but she does not feel so carefree and happy anymore. Somewhere along the way, she started to unknowingly pick up beliefs that are weighing her down.




These are the people I’ve journeyed with.
As a transformation guide, nothing gives me greater pleasure in life than the
honour to witness their transformation and healing.

Thank you so much for my wonderful RTT™ session!

For quite some time I felt really anxious, insecure and stressed in my relationship as I had a history and pattern of being cheated on and lied to. Worrying about that constantly was so exhausting and draining and it was affecting other areas of my life. After just one session with Carien, I felt so much happier, lighter, confident, secure and self assured.
Thank you so much, you’ve really, really helped me!!!


Brisbane, Australia

You cannot put a price on a session!

I did one for smoking addiction. I believe that there are so many people that would gain from this therapy. I would definitely recommend it.

Being an asthmatic, I do not use my nebuliser anymore, I rarely cough, I feel clean and I am saving money.

An unexpected benefit is that I am proud that I achieved this and feel more confident.


Cape Town, South Africa

I thought I would only benefit from the non-smoking side but Carien helped me to shift my attitude towards myself into a more positive and less critical way of thinking.

The hugest thank you! You have changed my life and I can’t stop telling people how successful the method was for me!


Cape Town, South Africa

You truly changed my life, thank you!!

I cannot begin to describe how amazing it is to be free from the hurt, the anger, the guilt, confusion, self-hate and all the stuff I carried with me for so long.

Anonymous Woman

Cape Town, South Africa

I never wanted people to love me.

In that session, something ‘changed’, I felt healed and free. For the first time, there was not a burden (shield) in front of me anymore and could give myself completely and can stand on top of the mountain and tell the people how much I love them and I allow people to love me. I could never say I love you to anyone and when someone showed love to me, I would turn away, as I did not love myself.

Listening to your voice every evening was wonderful! I must admit I still listen to it – just the calm way you speak and assure one that we can love and we are loveable!

Your technique and the calm way you approach people with confidence is reassuring. Your recording afterwards kept reminding me of what to d


Garden Route, South Africa

What an amazing, liberating, phenomenal experience!

As we all do, we ‘think’ we know the cause of our issues, but you managed to easily and effectively get straight to the real underlying issue. And the awareness and realisations it brought about has transformed my life!

Within weeks my body has detoxed from the trauma, my mindset is even better, I developed a social life and even met a guy. I no longer keep people away!

Thank you.

Anonymous Woman

Cape Town, South Africa

I would say the biggest difference I have noticed is just doing something every day to help me work towards or get closer to achieving my goal/s.

Something that I used to do often was to put things off to do the next day, now I almost never do that.

I think and I feel my mindset has changed towards doing certain things. I have a bit more of a positive thinking and feeling towards the things I wouldn’t normally want to do.


Cape Town, South Africa




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